This is a blog written by Fred Garnett that uses YouTube links to provide a subjective review of my history of listening to the Beatles albums. It is designed to complement the blog 9 after 909 which contains posts about the Beatles Albums and pages from my completed but unpublished book “63/68; A Visceral History”. It is also designed to celebrate the digital remasters being released on 9/9/9 and the core of the blog is the sequence on the six Phases of Beatles Creativity which started with; The Beatles Live 1957-63 If you enjoy the posts here I hope you will look at 9 after 909 as well. Or my free (downloadable) novel about the 60s on Scribd 63/68 A Visceral History

Last Post; April 22 2012 The Real Best of the Beatles part 1

Next Post; May 6 2012 The Real Best of The Beatles

Following Post; May 27th 2012 Kinfauns; The Beatles Unplugged (White Album Demo tapes)

Then; The Beatles in Hamburg (June 13?)

Next Post; Anthology

The post concerning the album Please Please Me (Introducing The Beatles in the US) is called 1-2-3-4

The post concerning With The Beatles (Meet The Beatles in the US) is called We Wanna Be Your Band

The post concerning Hard Days Night is called Working Like A Dog

Beatles for Sale is covered in Beatles in Black.

HELP! is covered in Eight Arms to Hold You

Rubber Soul is covered in The Word is Love Yeah!

Revolver is covered in Where Do They All Come From

Sgt Pepper is covered in What Would You Think?

Magical Mystery Tour is covered in We Are All Together

The White Album is covered in And Then There Were Four

Abbey Road is covered in Got To Be Free

Let It Be is covered in Home

Other tracks on American albums are covered in Unbutchered

jpgringo2 means John Paul George Ringo web 2. Then again my initials are JPG and I am a gringo too.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Cool blog, Fred… I didn’t know, but I should have guessed, that you were a blogger!

  2. Thanks Robert, hope all is well with you. I have some other blogs too, my educational one is The Heutagogic Archive;

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