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Yesterday – film soundtrack 2019

Stories behind the Beatles songs

Yesterday; “Paul McCartney, for you Opportunity Knocks” said George mockingly in Blackpool. Paul woke up hungry and wanted Scrambled Eggs for breakfast, but instead this tune tumbled into his brain; I wonder who wrote that, he thought. Not Chuck Berry, but maybe Bach; schoolmaster George will know. George knew that the composer was Paul and decided at last to become a “collaborator” with The Beatles. Anticipating the White Album studio way of working on each song separately he lined up a double string quartet and, unlike the driving Eleanor Rigby, produced the Beatles first 38-string driven thing and their most covered sweet melody;

I Saw Her Standing There; From the days when Pete Best and Paul McCartney locked into their 4 to the floor booming club sound at the Cavern in Liverpool, this was a live favourite that allowed for some raucous fun jamming on the riff for the boys. They also needed tunes that they could play at length to cover for their endless lack of sleep whilst performing in Hamburg’s Kaiserkeller and Star Club. Producer George Martin saw it as the best way to kick off their first album Please Please Me in which he attempted to capture their live show on record as a souvenir for The Beatles fans in the UK. The Beatles played 263 live dates in 1963 on their way to inducing Beatlemania and every live featured this reliably cracking showtune;

Something; George Harrison was a big fan of James Taylor, whom The Beatles (well Peter Asher) had just signed to their record label Apple, and he stole the line “something in the way she moves” to open up his first Beatles A-side. So good was Something that Frank Sinatra called it “the best song Lennon and McCartney ever wrote” Ouch! A tribute to Patti Boyd, the English “dolly bird” George met on the train in Hard Days Night, she would go on to inspire the songs Layla and Wonderful Tonight, the best songs Jack Bruce never wrote. Something was the single off the last recorded Beatles album Abbey Road. Pics of the loving couple in this video;

Let It Be; seen as their valedictory song, when Mother Mary came to Paul after her saintly work as a nurse, off the Beatles last released album, although The End had provided the final punctuation to their brilliant Sixties career. Knocked off in the brand-new Apple studio at the end of January 1969 as part of a hurried 4 days of recording to complete the Get Back album project, as Universal Music Group milked their cash cow to death. Now known as the Let It Be album;  best heard as Let It Be… Naked.

Carry That Weight; one of the odds n’sods that make up the Abbey Road suite and one of the very last recordings of the Beatles Continue reading