Reader’s Top Five Albums & Blog Posts

This feature will list the top five Beatles albums on this blog. This is because I have been completely surprised by the posts that people have selected to read in depth. I will update this regularly but as of 01/01/2011 the reader’s top five Beatles albums are;

1) Beatles For Sale; read Beatles in Black (422 reads)

2) Please Please Me; read 1-2-3-4 272

3) Rubber Soul; read The Word is Love 83

4) Unbutchered; read Unbutchered 54

5) Let It Be; read Home 40

Please note that the Top Five Posts on the blog overall are now dominated by Beatles Live 1957-63 with over 7,000 reads!

Beatles Live 1957-1963 More stats 7,085
Beatles Singles 1962-64 More stats 835
Best 10 Remastered Tracks (2010) More stats 509
Happy Birthday Ringo More stats 499
The Beatles Apple 1968 More stats 474

2 Responses to “Reader’s Top Five Albums & Blog Posts”

  1. drtombibey Says:

    I wrote up the Beatles on my blog today.

  2. Thanks Tom,
    I see your blog is on bluegrass, do you prefer Ringo and Honey Don’t then? Do you see any bluegrass influence on The Beatles?

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