White Album 2018


Side 1 All round to Rishikesh

Back in the USSR   first crossfade from EMI Jet Sound Effects into Pauls four-square drumming on his rocking, ironic Beach Boys tribute, now a 21st century live staple; Ukraine Girls!  Read the full review 

Dear Prudence  one of the most beautiful guitar sounds ever recorded, jewel-like; Endlessly circling!    Read the full review 

Glass Onion  a large, hand-blown, sensually-shaped glass bottle used aboard sailing ships to hold wine or brandy, with string arrangements similar to Strawberry Fields;  listen to me!  Read the full review 

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da  the open nostalgia of the Rishikesh songs celebrate past times, like when the Silver Beetles followed Lord Woodbine around learning Calypso; Play it Like This!! Read the full review

Wild Honey Pie  The most elaborate of segues, a fragment in its own curious sound world, refracting post-war British humour; consummate in character Read the full review

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill We never considered that the song might be based on a true story, or that pop songs might contain sophisticated multi-layered lyrics that made social and political comments; to be continuedRead the full review

While My Guitar Gently Weepsthe climax we have been building to since the beginning of side one and the guitar group arrangement makes it soar; Yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!!  Read the full review.

Happiness is A Warm Gunthis fragmented and rhythmically complex track is surreal and disturbing, and full of sexual exuberance; Yes! it isRead the full review


Side 2 All round to George’s

Martha My Dear and we are immediately in a sunnier, less psychologically complex world than Side 1 which offers us a Brief Encounter for the Sixties generation; read the full review

I’m SO Tired begins with just three rising notes on the guitar and reveals an exhausted, troubled, Lennon singing because he is “mad for bed” and an intellectual woman. Read the Full Review

Blackbird  Little Rock inspired song that sounds that it has been with us from time immemorial. Immensely satisfying song to play Blackbird achieves something quite magical in its own right.    Read the full review

Piggies  Inspired by Animal Farm, and written in 1966 along with Taxman, this becomes a baroque pop track orchestrated by George Martin  Read the full review

Rocky Raccoon one of Pauls character songs captured in a live take with honky-tonk piano, which Paul described as a Mack Sennett movie set to music  Read the full review.

Don’t Pass Me By four years to write his first song, with the help of John and Paul, but just two weeks to write his second, with the help of Peter Sellers. Ringo’s graduation piece from the Apple Guild of Musical Creativity. Read the full review.

Why Don’t We Do IT in the Road Paul doing Conceptual Art as a raucous alpha male. Read the full review

I Will quintessentially a Paul song, of courtly love and lovers; “one of my most beautiful melodies”   Read the full review 

Julia no longer stuck forever in the Strawberry Fields of his imagination John writes his first song of love; to both his mum and another mother. The climax to Side 2. Read the full review


Side 3 All down to Abbey Road

“You say it’s your Birthday, well here’s to you” a typical Beatles work song that sets up Side 3 with a classic rocker so at least aspect remains familiar: Read the full review of Birthday

Ringo says it’s “grunge rock” Yer Blues from the intense confines of Studio 2A it’s the Beatles tightest performance on their only blues. Read the full review of Yer Blues

And it’s one for McCartney – Mother Natures Son is bucolic and effects a melodic musical shift from Indian mountain streams to swaying English daisies. Read the full review of Mother Natures Son

Everybody’s Got Something To Hide except for Lennon and our review. We are back to the direct energy of their early 1960s live performances. Read the full review of Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (except for…)

Lennon wrote two songs about the Maharishi Sexy Sadie and the other one. He even nicked the opening lines from Smokey Robinson; check them all out if you read the full review of Sexy Sadie

I’m coming down fast on this Helter Skelter only it’s not a blues and it’s not edited down from the 27 minute studio jam but it is inspired by The Who Read the full review of Helter Skelter.

So good that we reviewed it twice Long, Long, Long repays repeated listening and is a George, Paul and Ringo collaboration. Read the full review of Long, Long, Long.


Side 4 – All production & sequencing completed

Revolution 1 is the potentially incendiary offhand comment by a Beatle made music; as artful cliche and gentle irony “you know it’s going to be alright” Read the full review of Revolution 1

Honey Pie is Paul pretending he’s living in 1925 with a pastiche in which people “get drunk and dance the hours away.” Read the full review of Honey Pie.

Savoy Truffle sees George writing like Lennon inspired by Good News chocolates and Eric Clapton Read the full review of Savoy Truffle

Cry Baby Cry cooked by the King for the Queen to create “oddly disturbing effects” Read the full review of Cry Baby Cry

Revolution 9: “gets better with age” by overlaying various loops on a 4-track tape machine to create a similar musique-concrète mix to Stockhausen’s Hymnen. Read the full review of Revolution 9

And release… The albums classic Ringo song in which he artfully sends us to sleep with George Martin giving it “full Hollywood” on composer John’s instruction and so it’s Good Night from us and it’s Good Night from Ringo. Read the full review of Good Night 

John, Alan, Tristram and Jack November 2018

Read this great review of the album and its history by Jeff Slate at the Daily Beast

Or start again with Hey Jude

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