All You Need is Heutagogy

Beatles Creativity

I’ve just summarised the 6 blog posts on Beatles Creativity as a graphical slideshare called All You Need is Heutagogy

I think the Beatles Career went through 6 phases;

1. Live 1957-1963 From That’ll Be The Day;

Until Love Me Do

2. Singles 1963-1964 From Please Please Me;

to Hard Days Night

3. Albums 1964 – 1966 From I’m a Loser; 

until In My Life ;

(via Yesterday

4. Psychedelia 1966-67 From Tomorrow Never Knows

to I Am The Walrus; 

5. Apple 1968 From Mother Natures Son; 

to Good Night; 

6 Let It Be 1969 From Get Back; 

To The End

The links take you back to the full Beatles YouTube album blog post of that phase of their career and their creativity; enjoy

One Response to “All You Need is Heutagogy”

  1. […] 1966/67 5) Beatles Apple 1968 6) Beatles Let It Be 1969 AND I have just summarised them in All You Need is Heutagogy The uninterrupted Playlist of these videos is available on YouTube. If you liked this post then […]

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