Real Best of the Beatles 2

Q Magazine Real Best Series May 2012 

Last post we listed 10 Beatles tracks, 5 selected by Q magazine with a reply to each from me, which represent the “real best” of The Beatles – excluding the obvious tracks; so more Past Masters than All Time Greats. Rob Fitzpatrick, the Q journalist involved, also commented that “no one has ever made better tracks” even 42 years later and that “the Beatles have been instilling the idea of progressive cultural creativity since 1962.” As this blog also believes that we felt we should reply with our own ten tracks. This is part two; 5xQ 5xFred.

Our next remastered track is from 1964, in which “youngblood” Paul  transmit’s his happiness at being RSA actress Jane Asher’s partner by imagining what he might be saying to her in ten years. Q think that this is “a minor chord lament that explodes into major-chord life” 1 minute in. McCartney, who wrote the song on the yacht Happy Days in the Caribbean, said it was “future nostalgic” about Things We Said Today ;  

Whilst Things is an underrated track from the immortal Hard Days Night album (which Q voted 5th Best British Album of all time) I’m going to pick something from the Long Tall Sally EP. This was a dedicated EP rather than tracks off the album released just 2 weeks before the multimedia monster that was Hard Days Night. I could pick John’s Slow Down, but it has to be Little Paul’s cover of Richard Penniman’s Long Tall Sally

Surprisingly Q pick 2 Sgt Pepper tracks as under-rated; the second is Lovely Rita, about a real meter maid who “inspires McCartney to mix blues, honky tonk piano and music hall lyrics” as Q puts it. Paul had several run ins with Meta Davis a UK parking warden on Abbey Road. Not sure if the song got him off legally, but it sure helped pay his fines. Lovely Rita 

My obscure choice from 1967 would be the B-side to All You Need is Love, a song for Brian Epstein and one of very few tracks The Beatles recorded at Olympic Studios in Barnes as it was 8-track  (Abbey Road didnt go 8-track til 68) I first heard it on a transistor radio in my garden in the hot love summer of 1967, along with Beatle favourite A Whiter Shade of Pale, as I turned a deeper shade of brown Baby You’re A Rich Man

Q get to the White Album with the Maharishi-trashing Sexy Sadie which is “direct and sarcastic, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi got torn a new one with this Lennon masterpiece”. Originally called Maharishi George persuaded Lennon to change the name, who was disappointed in the guru because he “always expected to find my motherSexy Sadie; 

“Words are flowing out like endless rain” across Weybridge. Lennon regarded this as one of his “most poetic” lyric and they just tumbled out of him one night at home in February 1968. A natural for the White Album with it’s Rishikesh vibe, and better than his own Child of Nature, it wasn’t considered. This is the Beatles great prodigal bastard son of a song ending up on the rag tag compilation Let It Be, despite being Lennons most sincere lyric (lucky Spike Milligan) Across the Universe

Q Rubber Soul and Harrison “casually retools The Byrds into a startling V-sign” returning their Rickenbacker folk-rock compliments on the Beatles own folk-rock killer album Rubber Soul. Ironically Capitol USA wanted The Beatles to make Rubber Soul even more folk-rock , removing the rocky Drive My Car. I guess The Beatles were struggling back in 1965. Meanwhile Harrison rings chimingly, charmingly true If I Needed Someone 

At Rubber Soul time we played the game, as we did on all Beatles albums, of which album tracks might make great singles; so many of them, Michelle, Girl, In My Life and, at first, I went for Drive My Car (great in the Love show) but eventually sidled over to The Word. Written in 1965 this anticipates All You Need is the Word by 2 years and, for me, set up the Summer of Love, The Word; 

Another big rock tune lit up the screens with Harrison’s turn at feedback on one of many rockers The Beatles put together in 68 & 69. Q hear “a freeform set of LSD-inspired memories; six and a half-minutes of acid-rock joy” about “where you’d like to be”. I heard it first at the cinema in Yellow Submarine, but we can both get home in time for tea, else It’s All Too Much 

My under-rated Harrison track would be probably be Long, Long, Long, but I highlighted that on Best Remasters so I am going for the fierce B-side Old Brown Shoe. Much is made of the bitterness of the Beatles break up but if you look at the daily record of their work during 1968 & 1969 they worked ferociously for Apple and on Beatles and many side projects (George would release a triple album when they split up). Their playing was at it’s best since Hamburg in 1962 and this rocks out because it was made by musicians who played constantly with their peers. As Clapton says in Living in the Material World in order to explain everything, “they’re The Beatles!” Old Brown Shoe 

Apple iTunes list the 10 most popular Beatles songs downloaded in 2012 more typically as 1 Here Comes The Sun 2 Hey Jude 3 Twist & Shout 4 All You Need is Love 5 Let It Be 6 Come Together 7 Yesterday 8 Help! 9 Yellow Submarine 10 I Want to Hold Your Hand so I hope that Q & I have given you a different, less typical, taste of The Beatles. Here is noobhuntercss own video of the 10 Best Beatles songs in his life. The YouTube playlist for this post is here. Next post May 2012; Beatles Unplugged May 68

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