Beatles YouTube Album 2012

Think for Yourself

2012; I am planning a number of blog posts this year, with two key ones. The Ballad of John about Lennon’s contribution to the Beatles will complete the quartet on Ringo’s Skins, Paul’s Bass and George’s Weeps. The second key post will be about The Beatles in Hamburg. I visited Hamburg recently and gathered a lot of information about their experiences there from visiting the Reeperbahn, the Grosse Freiheit and The Beatles Museum; fascinating stuff. As the Beatles Live 1957-63 is the single most popular post on this blog (now with over 10,000 reads) I am hoping I can add to and deepen the discussion of the Beatles formative time in Germany between 1960-62. I will also continue the review of Beatles album with a discussion of Love, having seen the show in Vegas.

2011 Surprised by how marvellous the Martin Scorsese film Living In the Material World was on The Beatles I completed 3 posts about George Harrison’s role in The Beatles in 2011. In line with my view that The Beatles display a “Group Genius“, that is they exist best as John, Paul, George and Ringo, my view was that George had a very clear, and crucial, role in expanding their musical palette. George was critical in making the White Album happen in the deep and complex form in which it finally emerged. He brought Paul’s rambling and misconceived Get Back project to a conclusion as Let It Be by drafting in Billy Preston on organ. George’s own Beatles contributions peaked on Abbey Road with Something and Here Comes The Sun whilst he stockpiled rejected songs on which The Beatles passed; Not Guilty. I think I captured George’s contribution best in the Beatle George post – Not Guilty; 

Apple 2011; Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the Lennon and McCartney of home computers, and who named their company, in part, in tribute to the Beatles, finally realised their ambitions of getting The Beatles on iTunes and they have continued to promote their favourite bands’ music; stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

Back in the U.S.A; WordPress kindly provides me with an annual review of this blog in 2011. It is a nice statistically summary which lets me know, as you can also see from the blog Clustr Map, that the majority of my readers come from the USA. As a Brit based in London, but who used to live in Boulder, Colorado, I find it immensely satisfying that my readership is from another country; especially one that appreciates The Beatles, their music and their impact on popular culture more than my own. Thank You! And keep reading / listening.


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