Personally I prefer the mashup originality of Love to the disinterred perfection of the Remasters. The difference is fun! Whilst I am glad to have the Remasters I like the remix irreverence of Love and the story that Cirque du Soleil try to tell in the Las Vegas show. When I heard the album I thought, oh this is reclaiming the Beatles as a shared nostalgic experience. The way I Want to Hold You Hand is screamingly introduced is set up to reproduce their impact on the USA in 1964. Starting with “Get Back” the opening section is explicitly full of nostalgia and, in the show, John’s song about his mother Julia segues into I Am The Walrus which plays out to a Mary Poppins tableaux reflecting the Dickensian London out of which the Beatles thrillingly emerged. Post-modernism; don’t you just love it when music and history are in a mash-up!

Then the first of the great mash-ups which distinguish the album Love, Drive My Car (yep it is a VW Beetle) The Word / What You’re Doing. The great triumph of the remasters is the emergence of Paul’s bass as a key musical instrument across all the albums and here on Drive My Car it takes charge from the outset until the closing word “beep-beep”, yeah!

Cirque du Soleil are brilliant at what they do and have several shows running in Las Vegas. So it is unsurprising that the Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite mash-up is staged so well as circus is what they do; mind you I didn’t see Henry The Horse (unless it was that guy in Row Z?) The timings of the Circus Royale are brilliant and here is a video giving you a taste of their inspired high-wire antics in response to the poster Lennon bought near the Strawberry Fields of Sevenoaks in Kent.

I thought the mash-up set to be the single, Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows was subtle, witty and danceable, but it wasn’t successful as a single, indeed Love undersold against expectations. Here is the official video and it works well enough for me; enjoy.

Now here is a surprise. In the Vegas show of Love one of the highlights is… Octopus’s Garden! The scene is set so that the audience seem to be sitting on the sea bed and the imagery lifts the song into a real highlight. No pictures from the show but here is the sharp mix that helps to make this a real highlight.

Famously The Beatles wrote and recorded Hey Bulldog whilst they were filming a video for Lady Madonna and in Love they are mashed up together then cleverly segued into Here Comes The Sun. Here is a quite brilliant video from Tony AB who uses that video for Lady Madonna against the Love mix, great stuff.

My favourite moment on the album is the edit from Come Together to Revolution. George Martin made of note of highlighting how good he through Come Together was after listening to it again for the remastering process and here someone with great ears pulls the opening drumbeat of Revolution into a dynamic prologue which, with a whip smart segue, unleashes the rock section of the show. On this video tonyab1708 gets the video editing just right and matches it perfectly.

Still a couple of more videos to add…

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